Where is the dysfunction in your life?

At the root of the dysfunction in your life, you will find what are you tolerating, accepting or accommodating. Do you give way too much of yourself and is it never returned? Have you gone through a major life changing event/transition? Are you wounded or been hurt by a situation or person? Are you staying at a job that takes you for granted? Do your family and or friends always need you but are not there for you in return? Have others’ empty words or promises got you to act or respond in a certain way, but their actions never match up or catch up?

In life some people prey on the weak, take advantage of the too kind and will use you up for their personal pleasure or gain.

How does that make you feel?  In most cases you were not asking for or even seen it coming, sometimes it is out of the blue.

But how long did or has it made you miserable? Made you feel uncomfortable? How long have you tolerated, accepted or accommodated? This only leads to bad energy, regret and a period of your life you can’t get back.

You have to ask yourself what is it really about? What will it take for you to stop it, change it or balance the scale?

I ask all these questions because I want you to think about it and really face it. Once you can truly evaluate and see everything you can start eliminating, adjusting or change how you look at it.

Now YOU can TAKE ACTION! Where do you start, you start by SEEING YOU! You start by SAYING NO more and create an action plan to stop tolerating. YOU HAVE THE POWER!!! In some situations, you can just make the decision and it’s done; some things will take time, for example:

If you are in a job that makes you miserable, doesn’t pay enough and you see no future. Realistically you should not quit if you have responsibilities. You start taking action! You can go back to school, update your resume, start job searching or create your own business that maybe is a lifelong dream. You have to OWN the change you want and DO SOMETHING! There is no I can’t/but, it’s either I need to do this to get here and view it as a stepping stone.  Work toward positive change sometimes quickly or slowly but surely moving in the right direction.

No one is going to save you or rid your life from the dysfunction; you have to take action to save/help yourself.  Trust me I have been there and you will be glad you did.

Here are three things that can help you on your journey

  1. Write down what you are tolerating, accepting or accommodating; then ask yourself why.
  2. Make an action plan to change it!
  3. Get a life coach, if I resonate with you and you would like to go through the adero360 process/program. Please connect with me and we can get you started!