Transforming YOU!

To Transform YOU….You have to own your story, owning your story does not define you; it’s about acknowledging your journey because it has gotten you where you are today. Transforming YOU is about owning who you are and living life with intention, honoring what YOU want and taking the steps to get there. It is also about setting aside what family, friends and society’s false illusion of what you should be and the expectations they have for you.

Transforming YOU… is about finding YOU and owning who you are and being that!

This is not an overnight process; it is an everyday work in progress. When you are confused and don’t know which direction to go or the voices of everyone around you drown out your thoughts and wants. You need to retreat and press pause to the things that are draining you. Once you do this you can finally breathe and start seeing things for what they are, not what you want them to be; stepping back from the fantasy and seeing the reality.

To Transform YOU, you have to take inventory of your life; it does not have to be all at once but working across the board and being aware of everything around you. What I mean by that is you have to WAKE UP!

Stop giving meaningless people your energy, as well as dragging people along on your journey. It is important to stop giving yourself away until your cup is empty. Sometimes you need to redefine relationships, set boundaries or let them go for a while so you can get where you’re going.

Transforming YOU is about filling your cup up, honoring yourself and living life with intention. What I have learned on my journey is the minute you ask yourself WHAT DO YOU WANT and take steps to make it happen you free yourself from the people/things that have held you back.

Transforming YOU is not coming from a place of selfishness nor is it ignoring your day to day responsibilities. It’s about taking moments of your day to work on you and living life with intention.

Here Are (5) Five Steps To Get You Started

First, ask yourself what do you want? And if you had that what would you have or how would that affect your being?

Second, you get still. Find time and a place where you can center and clear your mind from life responsibilities and just be, become one with yourself. You will be amazed when you become still and get to a peaceful state of mind that life’s answers and or direction will come to you.

Third, step away from your comfort zone. When you are working on Transforming YOU, there will not be growth until you push yourself to the point you are out of your comfort zone. That is where growth happens and the transformation takes place.

Fourth, you have to OWN it! If it takes you 5 minutes, 5 days or 5 years you have to OWN it! Everyday do something big or small to move YOU in that direction. Owning it is having clear intention, life may slow you down but don’t let it stop you!

Fifth, do it with Passion! If you have a good sense of self and you continue to handle your responsibilities and grow, you will transform your life; do it with positive energy and put your heart in it! Do it with PASSION!